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Razer Blade

The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

Laptop Tunnel 06
CityNew 07

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Tunnel Beauty01
RazerBlade Processor Entry01
RazerBlade Processor Entry02


Showcasing the first version of the storyboard Created with images from the web. By combining these, a new unique story is created

01. We start with the logo.

02. Zoom out and see the laptop that folds open and a explosion follows.

03. We fly into the laptop through a tunnel with light bars - metal look and feel intro - a parellel dimension

04. We end in the dark - next a small light turn into a spider web of lights

05.The lights and spider web become more and more

06.Cubes moves up above the grid and a dynamic field appears with cubes and lights that look lika city

07. Cam to close up Builiding of blocks and cubes

08. Next the camera switches to the abstract papt energy that is collected

09. The balls are charging

10. Loading in centre unit

11. Firing energy beams in different directions

12. We follow the light trail and it become clear that it is a train

13. The train moves faster through the city 1

14. A zoom-out to see a full shot of the city. we see a small object flying

15. We cut to a shot where the camera follows a spaceship flying in the city1

16. We see a full shot of the city where the spaceship fly through it

17. We cut to a shot inside the spaceship

18. The spaceship goes into hyperdrive and the beams become more and more

19. With the speed we cut to the laptop sucking the energy back into the laptop.

20. The laptop closes and we see the logo on the top of the laptop glowing to darkness.


Razer Blade Project - Render

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