Wij helpen merken op te bouwen en producten te lanceren. Met creative oplossingen voor elk vraagstuk doormiddel van ontwerp, motion graphics en animatie

Design in motionfestival 2022

"Step into the unknown and immerse yourself in a world where science and creativity collide. Witness the birth of a mysterious creature, suspended in a bacta tank, its fluid movements captivating all who behold it. This digital masterpiece is a stunning display of motion design, brought to life through intricate animations and expertly crafted visuals. With every fluid motion and shimmering reflection, you'll be transported to another world, one where imagination reigns supreme. Come, be captivated by this aquatic marvel, and experience a true work of art in motion."


Flesh and fluidity

"Enter the realm of the surreal and witness a mesmerizing display of flesh and fluidity. Watch as this creature and spheres of flesh float effortlessly in a bacta tank, their delicate membranes quivering and pulsing with an otherworldly energy. This motion design masterpiece is a stunning testament to the power of art to blur the lines between the real and the surreal, as the boundaries of science and creativity are pushed to the limit. With every quiver and pulse, these floating orbs evoke a sense of wonder and awe, drawing you ever deeper into their surreal and enchanting world. Come, immerse yourself in this digital symphony of motion and experience a work of art that is truly out of this world."


Power of simplicity to captivate and enchant.

"Prepare to be transported to a world where the mundane becomes extraordinary, and the everyday becomes art. Witness the whimsical and unexpected as a lone rubber duck floats effortlessly in a bacta tank, its bright yellow feathers a stark contrast against the clear liquid. This motion design masterpiece is a playful yet captivating display of creativity, showcasing the power of simplicity to captivate and enchant. With every gentle ripple and shimmering reflection, this floating duck evokes a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity, reminding us to embrace the unexpected and find joy in the simplest things. Come, lose yourself in this digital masterpiece and experience a true work of art that is both charming and delightful."

Spheres of flesh

Digital symphony of motion

"Experience the magic of true collaboration as two talented artists join forces to create a digital masterpiece that will leave you spellbound. Jorn Koekoek and Sean den Heijer have come together to push the boundaries of motion design, blending their unique perspectives and creative styles to create a work of art that is truly unforgettable. From the mysterious creature suspended in the bacta tank to the surreal orbs of flesh and the whimsical rubber duck, each piece is a stunning testament to their skill and creativity. Together, they have crafted a digital symphony of motion that will take you on a journey through worlds both familiar and unknown. Come, be swept away by their artistry, and experience a true collaboration that is both captivating and inspiring."

Floating duck

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